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On this little website, you are about to discover what only a handful of people on the Internet know about Craigslist and other popular Free Classified Sites, and why they aren't talking. are next in line and in position to discover this secret process of making money.

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I urge you to read each and every word on this page as carefully as you can, because using this information, you are going to get a Tsunami of visitors To your websites from every FREE Classified Ad you will post from now. I will go straight to the points.

How would you like to make money from the comfort of your own home doing something as simple as Posting Ads on the Internet with zero investment. What if I told you that you could make at least $200 every single day without putting at risk whatever you currently do ... would you be interested and excited? I bet you would, unless of course you're one of the pitiable masses who are soaked-up in the lousy economy & the terrible prospects for the future without seeking to do something today about their situation as individuals to better themselves.

Posting Free Classified Ads is what I do every day to make roughly $300 a day at zero cost. I find it fun and exciting! In fact, if you can copy & paste, I will show you how to duplicate what I do, and if you follow my instructions, soon you too will be averaging $300 a day:

1.       without spending a dime.

2.       without special skills.

3.       without experience.

4.       without a website.

5.       without putting at risk whatever you currently do.


Once you setup the system as directed in the easy-to-follow guide, you can easily duplicate my strategies, and start making money at will.

You will be so excited you won't be able to contain yourself! It's like having your own personal ATM Machine.



If you're creative and inventive, you can take this program to a whole new level to profit massively from it. I know someone who has innovated into this program and is currently raking in well over $600 a day.



This program won't just magically add money to your Bank Account simply by purchasing it. As with everything that precipitates success, there is work involved. If you expect to grow your business by doing nothing then this program is not for you. However, the work involved here is very easy, and nothing compared to the pain of waking up every morning and commuting to your 9 to 5 job for a tiny monthly pay.



I have developed a Step-By-Step Instruction Manual that will walk anyone through posting Ads on Free Classified Sites. I have also put together all the necessary tools with which to accomplish this task:

1.   Craigslist Ad Manager.

2.   BackPage Auto Poster.

3.   Special Ad Copies.

4.   A list of Free Classified Sites.

5.   Global Traffic Centre.

6.   How to create Unlimited PVAs

All these you will receive in this Module including the Step-By-Step Instruction Manual. The Special Ad Copies are the exact ones I personally use, which have been making me tons of money every day.

If you follow the instructions using these Ads, you will be on your way to making $200 and more a day in less than a month's time with only about 20 minutes work per day. All you do is Post these special Ad Copies on Craigslist, BackPage, and a number of other powerful Free Classified Sites. You don't have to use my special ads if you don't want to. There are also dozens of other ads to fine-tune and use.


To get started, you will need the following:

1.     A Paypal Account. If you don’t have one, we will show you how to get one. It’s very easy.

2.     A personal Computer or Laptop.

3.     An Internet connection.

4.     About 20 minutes of work every day.

5.     You must be 18 years of age or above.

This will not work for you if you do not have all the above. They are the basic minimum requirements. However, not having a Paypal account now should not exclude you from this program because you can easily obtain one by going to and signing up for a personal or business account. Most importantly, if you are less than 18 years old, you are prohibited from signing up for this program. You are hereby warned.

This is the part I love most. I wake up every morning check my inbox, I see a lot of "Notifications of Payments Received" staring me in the face.

Please note. This will not make you a Millionaire overnight but will definitely make a great extra income. While others are soaked-up in the lousy economy & the terrible prospects for the future, you will be quietly erasing your debts and creating massive wealth for yourself and family, thereby putting your future in your hands and not in the hands of the Government & their Costs Cutting Austerity Measures.

Of course, you can also apply the method in this manual to promote your own Business if you have one already.



Dominating Search Engines With Free Classified Ads.


Here, I will reveal to you a complete guide on a unique process which will assure you a Top 5 Ranking of your Free Classified Ads in Google with zero investment. This Guide contains a secret formula that will bring Tons of visitors to your site from every Free Classified Ad within few hours of posting. This is huge and can bring a funnel of Cash to your Bank Accounts in just one week.

Can you imagine How Many Visitors You Will Get, if your Classified Ad appears in Top 5 in Google with a keyword having thousands of searches per month? Armed with this secret, whenever you post a free Classified Ad (as in Module 1 above), it gets ranked in Top 5 On Google and you get tons of sales from it without investing a penny.

This means that for every Free Classified Ad you post, you get a Tsunami of traffic from two sources; The Free Classified Sites and The Search Engines, Google in particular.

Other than the few dollars you will pay to purchase this Manual, this new Secret Method if applied well can easily fetch you over $5,000 per week just posting Free Classified Ads without any further investment.

The Instructional Ebook containing this Secret process is going to be yours in a few minutes from now.




total craigslist domination system

First, What is Craigslist? Craigslist is a unique community forum that offers a place where people can promote and sell allowing users to post Free classified ads. Craigslist is huge. It currently brings in over 10 Million visitors a day, and over 5 Billion page views a month. Many Internet marketers make a decent living promoting on Craigslist alone.

To prevent abuse and Spamming, however, Craigslist has put in-place a set of strict guidelines for posting ads. As a result, computer monitors are actively monitoring every single ad posted on Craigslist searching for abuses of their Terms Of Service. You must therefore abide by their TOS or be punished and ultimately banned.


In this Module, I reveal to you a secret strategy that outwits the Craigslist’s Guideline Monitors allowing you to post as many ads as possible, and profit massively. Imagine what it would be like to place a free classified ad on Craigslist in every City Nationwide without getting flagged, deleted or banned and get tons of free traffic back to your website or affiliate offer?”


Now you can stop imagining and start printing Money, because this is exactly what this Secret Posting guide does for you.







BackPage Auto Poster

BP Sender is a program for posting ads automatically to in a way that keeps you within guidelines.

BP Sender will automatically rotate your ads & emails upon each individual post which creates a different ad and will not cause to flag you or block you !





The Craigslist Blackhat System

This System Posts Multiple Ads On Craigslist on Auto-Pilot completely without detection.

"Watch Over The Shoulder Of An Underground Craigslist Mastermind As He Reveals His Secrets On How To BANKROLL Up To $8,132.26 In Profit Every Month! ... 100% Guaranteed"











In less than 5 minutes from now, you could be joining a small group of Internet Masterminds who are quietly and secretly raking in killer profits from the Internet, as you become a proud owner of these secret arsenals.


Business Pro Version

This is the Business Pro Version in which you receive all the Money Making Tutorials in Modules 1, 2 & 3:

1.  An E-book Instructional Manual: How To Make $200+ Per Day Posting  Free Classified Ads.

2.  Dominating Search Engines With Free Classified Ads: An e-book Instructional Manual revealing a secret method that assures you a top 5 ranking of your Free Classified Ads in Search Engines including Google with zero investment.

3.  Total Craigslist Domination System: A secret strategy that outwits Craigslist’s Guideline Monitors, allowing you to profit massively.

4.  How To Create Unlimited PVAs For Craigslist: This is powerful. With this knowledge you can easily make Big Money selling Craigslist Phone Verification Accounts.

5. The Automated Craigslist Blackhat System: A Bonus Instructional Video Tutorial on how to Dominate Craigslist and Massively auto-Profit from it.

6.  BackPage Auto Poster: Automating your Backpage Ad Postings

7.  Craigslist Ad Manager: Managing your Craigslist Ad Postings.

8.  Special Ad Copies: Sample Ad Copies to post to Free Classified Sites, including the special ones I personally use.

9.  Free Classified Sites: A list of Free Classified Sites to post your ads on.

10. 50 Powerful Submitters (At The Global Traffic Centre): To PostBlast Your Ads To Classified Sites & Search Engines. Click To View





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We are so confident of our program that we offer a 60 Day Moneyback Guarantee. If for any reason you're not satisfied with our product, all you need do is request for a refund, and we will honour it. No questions asked.







We will like to thank you for your time, having read thus far. This tells us you have a Mindset for SUCCESS in business, and can recognize or smell an opportunity anytime anywhere in different shapes or forms. I see in you an individual, a non-conformist set to undertake a new enterprise today, any day, if only to offer a hope of bettering one's condition rather than allow oneself to be conditioned by the lousy economy & the terrible prospects for the future . I look forward to welcoming you on board. Have a great day!!!


$ 19.99 ! One Time







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1.   In these modules (i.e. modules 1, 2 & 3), you will learn how to profit massively by posting ads on Free Classified Sites. However, there is another module, known as the 'Entrepreneur' Module, which reveals how to skyrocket your business and earn even more posting ads on Social Media Networks, Forums, Directories, etc. This module is designed for those who have decided to become Entrepreneurs and are ready to commit what ever it takes (Time, Money, Efforts, Resilience, Risks, etc) to succeed in their businesses. You may be given the opportunity to purchase the Entrepreneur Module immediately after completion of payment at a special discounted One-time offer, or at the regular price at the members area.


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